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Nordic Neurolab, Берген, Норвегия

Nordic Neurolab was founded in 2001. The head-office is located in Bergen (Norway), minor offices are in Milwaukee (USA) and Freiburg (Switzerland). The company is focused on development and production of Functional MRI (fMRI) hardware and software components. Research and development is performed in close cooperation with key MRI vendors and clinical centers of Norway. The current version of Nordic Neurolab fMRI system is one of the world’s most convenient and effective. One of the most advanced features is the ability to perform simultaneous cortical mapping and tractography.

fMRI is currently one of the most demanded and rapidly developing visualizing technique for neurology and neurosurgery. fMRI images are used to optimize surgical tactic, evaluate the condition and estimate the prognosis for patients with different types of pathology, especially for the unconscious ones. fMRI also gives vast opportunities for functional neurosurgery.

For years before, fMRI study was not so much widespread because it was a complicated and time consuming procedure. Also, the software wasn’t sensitive enough. fMRI system from Nordic Neurolab is the first solution for massive clinical implication. It was engineered with special requirements for ergonomy, simplicity and high speed of data management. Software algorithms were significantly improved to increase preciseness and validity of acquired images.

Since 2014 Nordic Neurolab is exclusively distributed on the Russian medical market by ZAO “Sante Medical Systems”. The company is intended to massively introduce fMRI technique to the Russian clinical practice. Agenda for 2014-15 includes numerous seminars, master-classes. A big international program of education and experience sharing is launched by ZAO “Sante Medical Systems” together with Norwegian partners.